How beautifully can you capture Iceland with your camera?

Iceland is located over a hotspot due to which it experiences volcanic activity more often. But worry not the molten lava eruption is not destructive unlike the violent eruption of mountains of italy or indonesia. People flock to the lava eruption places to witness the wonders of the earth.

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Marco Di Lauro Getty Images

Marco Di Lauro is a World Press award-winning photographer working for, among others, Newsweek, Time Magazine, New York Times Magazine and Der Spiegel. He has worked under an exclusive contract for Getty Images Reportage since 2002, covering the Middle Eastern conflict in the Gaza Strip and spent almost all of 2003 and 2004 in Iraq.

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India Photography Tour 2022 for a Fresh Re-Start of Tourism

You will stay busy for some more days; even months will be like a few days, if you are exploring India from its one corner to another. Planning for India photography tour will be the right way to keep your sweet memories of the tours memorialized for the time to come.
Svalbard Photography Tour

If you are planning to enjoy wonderful time during Svalbard Photography Tour, you will get attractive plans and packages from Better Moments Photo Exploring – perfect for city breakers, travelers on a stopover, or even local who would like to discover their own city.

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Tips and Tricks for Memorable Landscape Photography Tours

Planning for landscape photography tours is certainly an ideal way for photography enthusiasts to make some of the best clicks to add more images in their database. Before starting your tour, it will be better to keep some tips and tricks in mind that will help you take better photos in future.

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