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International Politics: Why so Much Complication?

So much force, fraud, and intrigue have been, and are, dominating the international arena, that the concepts like trust and confidence among the various nations are almost impossible to think of. So why do morals have so little impact on mutual relationship between nations?

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ow Ruinous Does it Have To Get?

Recent developments make an all-encompassing crisis plain to see. Society could scarcely be more bizarrely unhealthy, but is getting even more so all the time. With two million people behind bars, kids as young as two are on behavior control drugs like Ritalin. Sunset magazine carries pages of ads for “boot camps.” “Got an angry child?” “Defiant teen?”

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Palestine in a Nutshell

Centuries ago, European states for the most part had been divided along ethnic borders. France was wherever the French lived, and Germany was wherever the Germans lived, and so on. But what about the French Jew or the German Jew? Did they not belong to France and Germany? Anti-Semites said no, and Zionists concurred.

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Playing God

Making decisions for others is never easy. Let us consider the plight of the gods. When you are below them, bending to their will, they seem all-powerful, but when you view things from their perspective, they are just as constrained as you are.

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A BBC report about the global hotspots of Covid-19. May our world get rid of this catastrope as soon as possible...
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Utilize #Natural #Remedies for #Polycythemia #Vera to decrease the Symptoms

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