Contact and Support

All Zoimas members are most welcome to contact us any time they want to ask or tell us something. All the communication must be made to the following e-mail address:


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For the time being we prefer the communication language to be English; if this is not possible, we can handle communication in other languages as well, but it will take us longer to understand and answer such communication. Any communication requiring an answer, would normally be answered in two working days, but there can be times when it may take longer.

Your communication messages should be written in a clear and understandible language, describing the case perfectly and providing all necessary details as well as any textual, audial or visual material which would help us to understand your request better and faster.

For a better functioning communication among us, we encourage all the network members to avoid repetetive and fruitless communication and also make use of other network facilities, means and methods where possible. For example, you don't need to send us emails to report an abuse; instead you should use the report function, readily available in the network.