What is Zoimas and How It Works?

Zoimas is an anti-addiction social networking website designed to keep its users online as little as possible. While the users can interact with each other by creating and sharing content in multiple forms, there will be heavy restrictions on the amount and time of activities online. Beside the classical social network features, Zoimas has some unique features which don't exist in any other social media networks. Let's have a closer look on these features.

Revolutionary Anti-Addiction Features

Several revolutionary anti-addiction features make Zoimas to stand out of all other social networks. All these features have been designed to keep the user online as little as possible. Zoimas will be a serious cure for the social media addiction which is considered to be the digital plague of our times. Thanks to the unique features of Zoimas, the huge amounts of time spent purposelessly on social media will now be channelled to real life activities.

Login Limitation

Perhaps one of the main drivers of social media addiction is the easy access to accounts; it is estimated that globally an average social media user log in to their accounts 47 times a day! Zoimas puts an end to this obsession quite radically. At Zoimas, a user can only log in once in 12 hours, meaning only 2 times a day. After each login session, the users have to wait 12 hours to be able to log in their accounts again. The users will simply not be able to log in whenever they want.

Session Time Limitation

The endless amount of time allowed to spend on social media could be another reason for social media addiction. Zoimas addresses this problem by radically limiting the session time. At Zoimas, a user can only be online for 15 minutes during each login session, meaning that the users can only be online for maximum 30 minutes a day, in 2 login sessions with a 12 hour interval. Users will see a countdown timer on top right indicating their left minutes. And in last 3 minutes of the session, users will see a warning indicating that they have 3 minutes left. When the 15 minute session is completed, users will automatically be logged out. According to our calculations, this amount of time online should be more than enough for a meaningful network activity.

Friending Limitation

What do you do with many thousands of your social media friends or followers? Probably nothing! If so, then it is absolutely meaningless to have so many social media friends with whom you have clearly no connection. Wouldn't it be better to have less friends with whom you have some sort of interaction? This is exactly what Zoimas offers! At Zoimas, every user can only have 150 friends, no more. Why the number 150, you may wonder. To be honest, it is not our invention. Robin Dunbar, professor of evolutionary anthropology at Oxford and the author of “How Many Friends Does One Person Need?" has long been advocating the idea that we can maintain a meaningful relationship only with 150 people. Ever since then, 150 has been known, and referred to as "The Dunbar Number" in social sciences.

Limitations on General Network Activities

As Zoimas has been designed to diminish the time spent online, so we have touched other general network activities as well. To name a few;

- User can only post one time during each login session, that is maximum 2 posts a day.

-User can add only one photo/multimedia to each post, no more.

-No emoticons will be allowed to use in posts and comments.

-No likes will be allowed under the posts, but comments and shares are allowed.

-No notifications will be allowed.

-User could only see friends' and his groups' posts.

- User could only add 5 photos + 1 video to the profile, no more.

-No photo/video albums allowed. Shared photos will not be included in photos.

-Only friends can comment on the posts.

-User can only create 5 groups.

All in all, we strongly believe that the above limitations will seriously challenge the current social media addiction and will open the doors towards a new global social media culture.